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Movie travels

Today on Sympatico Travel, Robin Esrock has a great round-up of movie locations you can visit. I’d like to add one more – I came across it while working on a school presentation this fall, and while I’ve never been there, it looks like it would be a fun place to check out.

Sweethaven Village, Malta

The 1980 musical feature film “Popeye” starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duval was filmed here. The village features tours of the set, a water and fun park, minigolf, shops, Toytown, etc. You may also meet a favourite cartoon character or get to be part of a filming experience.

The country of Malta, a popular stop on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries, encompasses 18 islands,three of which are inhabited. Visit prehistoric temples, World War II historic sites, sandy beaches and more. Although a European nation, Maltese culture also allows the visitor to experience the flavour of two other continents: Africa and Asia.