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Ok, so the problem with a lovely meme like “A to Z’ is that if you don’t finish, you risk leaving yourself in the embarrassing position of being frozen in time – like, you could blog, but you haven’t finished the damn meme yet, and your heart’s kind of gone out of it, so never mind, tomorrow is another day.

And then tomorrow is roughly 11 weeks after your last post, which was embarrassingly past the A to Z time frame anyway. MIght as well slap on a #fail to the whole thing.

But the only way to move on is to…move on. So here I am, moving on. This is the post meant to unblock the drain, let all that murky water out of the sink, and start again.

About iwasawriter

Once, I was a writer. And writers, you know, write. I haven't done a whole lot of that lately, especially the basic level put-your-thoughts-on-the-page type writing. So here I am, back to battle the blank page and see if "I was" can become "I am" once more.

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