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“K” is for Killing Time

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Yes, the A-Z in April Challenge is over. But I’m going to try to finish it; I kind of got stuck on “K” but I shall power through!

Killing time. Waiting. Depending on your travel habits, it’s one of those things you could find yourself doing frequently.

Waiting in line. Waiting for a flight to depart. Waiting for a bus to come. Waiting for a show to start. Vacations can have lots of waiting, lots of time where you aren’t doing anything but killing time, waiting for whatever happens next. And if you’re like me, you get…bored.

So it’s important to come up with some tricks and tactics to make your waiting time interesting, at least. And you never know, these little pockets of time where you weren’t doing anything could end up being the times you remember the most. Here’s a fe ideas.

  • Read – a book, a Kindle, a newspaper, heck, even the brochure or guidemap of the place you’re waiting to enter.
  • Write -keep a pen handy and jot a few lines in your travel journal, or compose a postcard to a friend. Send a tweet, or even a quick “wish you were here” via text message.
  • Photograph – take a shot or two of the area you’re in. If you’re stuck in a queue, it’s a really good chance to absorb some of the detail or scenery that surrounds you.
  • Talk – strike up a conversation with other people who are also waiting. “Have you seen this show before, is this your first time in Paris, do you know how often this bus runs?” are all good opening lines. You don’t have to get up close and personal, just chit chat politely. Who knows, this might be one of those conversations that sticks with you forever.
  • Play – if you have a group with you, especially kids, try “I Spy” or an alphabet game. If you’re alone, play Angry Birds on your phone, or see how many world capitals you can name in your head.

What are some of your tricks for killing time?



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Once, I was a writer. And writers, you know, write. I haven't done a whole lot of that lately, especially the basic level put-your-thoughts-on-the-page type writing. So here I am, back to battle the blank page and see if "I was" can become "I am" once more.

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