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It happens every year, right on time – the temperature drops, and all of a sudden I’m dreaming of blue skies, sandy beaches and palm trees. And I don’t even like beaches.

But wanting a winter getaway is just one of the burdens of living in Northern climes. Florida would be lovely; or somewhere in the Caribbean, definitely. Heck, at this point, I’ll take a nice 60-degree day in Kentucky. I don’t mind wearing a sweater – what I mind is wearing a sweater and still being cold.

A warm weather adventure is not in the cards for me this winter, but it is for many of those I know. Where will you find the warm this winter?


About iwasawriter

Once, I was a writer. And writers, you know, write. I haven't done a whole lot of that lately, especially the basic level put-your-thoughts-on-the-page type writing. So here I am, back to battle the blank page and see if "I was" can become "I am" once more.

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