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Today’s Travel Tip from Sympatico Travel is all about getting the early flight; turns out, there are plenty of good reasons to to be an early riser when travelling by air. I’m a fan of the early flight – right up until I’m trying to enjoy the first evening at my destination and find myself yawning uncontrollably through dinner.

Driving is another matter; when travelling involves driving 4+ hours, you’re going to be tired upon arrival no matter what.  Since the fatigue is a given, I prefer to do early one better – leaving so early in the morning it’s practically the night before.

We’ve taken many a trip that’s started in the wee small hours – 3, 4 or 5 a.m. depending on where we expect to be when the morning rush hour hits. In the summer, it’s a cooler ride. Since the passengers are likely to be asleep, there’s no complaints of boredom from the back seat. Traffic is non-existent, there’s no annoying glare on the windshield, and there’s something immensely peaceful about setting out on a journey when everything is so calm.

The downside is that three times now we’ve driven through the Cumberland Gap and the kids still don’t know how breathtaking it is – they couldn’t see anything in the dark! And I’d definitely be more reluctant to use secondary highways or minor roads. And, of course, we’ve discovered that hotel rooms offering free breakfasts aren’t such a great deal if you’re pulling out of the parking lot before they start serving in the morning.

One last thing – as the picture above shows, driving at night often leads to rest stop photos where everyone is still in their pajamas.

When do you prefer to drive when you’re travelling a longer distance?


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