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The word “go” made an early appearance in my kids’ vocabularies. Whether it was a trip to the grocery store or a family vacation, they were always excited about the prospect of being on the move. As they got older, they were eager to “go” on their own, without mom and dad; a trip to Scout camp or a field trip with their class had them hauling out their sleeping bags or making a list of “car snacks” with equal enthusiasm.

Kids like to “go” and increasingly, school offers opportunities to do just that. Here’s an article I wrote about this student travel trend; it originally appeared in the Growing Up section of Canadian Family. Enjoy!

Overnight Trips and Your Teen

It might be hard to imagine your teen jetting off to New York City or Rome when you’ve just started to OK solo trips to the mall, but chances are your child will have the opportunity in the next few years to travel to a far-off place with his high school. Read more…

Has your teen started to explore the world yet? Where would you recommend they go?


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Once, I was a writer. And writers, you know, write. I haven't done a whole lot of that lately, especially the basic level put-your-thoughts-on-the-page type writing. So here I am, back to battle the blank page and see if "I was" can become "I am" once more.

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